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Returning from a short-lived world travel, Gian has decided life in Switzerland was boring and he needed a new adventure. His idea: Crossing Switzerland on trails as fast as possible, self supplied with backpack, running! Ever since he's been striving toward his best athletic performance making Chur (CH) and the surrounding mountains his training grounds as an ultradistance trail runner. A sport in which he performs since 2019 and quickly found success in, landing on several podiums, clearing his  way into the top field of the elite ultrarunning world.


"Placing second at the Lavaredo Ultra Trail 120 missing only a few minutes on the course record, has been my biggest achievement yet. This howsoever should only be the start of a long career, whose foundation has been built early on in childhood. I grew up as a very active country boy in a small village high up in the Engadine mountains. That’s where I learned to drive on passion and always fight for my personal best." 


Success follows 
hard work


3. Place Eiger E35

(35 km / 2500 m+ in 3:29:36)

2. Place Bernina Ultraks Steinbock

(16 km / 870 m+ in 1:22:48)

2. Place Scuol Trail ENZIANA (22 km / 1200 m+ in 01:43:53)

3. Place UTS ERYRI 25K 

(25 km / 1300 m+ in 02:05:49)


2. Place Lavaredo Ultra Trail 120 

(121 km / 5830 m+ in 12:07:02)

3. Place Sola Strecke 7 

(12 km / 378 m+ in 46:38) 

1. Place Easter Backyard Ultra 

(169 km / 3750 m+ in 25 laps)


1. Place Swiss Alps 100 

(101 km / 6120 m+ in 12:04:32)

1. Place Engadin Ultra EUT 102 

(102 km / 5740 m+ in 10:37:24)


3. Place Arosa Trail Run AT46 

(52 km / 3391 m+ in 6:11:05)

16. Place Swiss Alpine K68 

(68 km / 2840 m+ in 7:01:48)


From zero to 100km in only three years has brought many injuries, fails and learning experiences. As some say rockets always start rough. In this sense there is still enormous potential to grow and do things even better in the future. Gian is still young in this sport where performance grows with age. He has got enourmous potential.


"The season 2023 has been full of twists and turns, making it hard to be ready for the target races. However these experiences make up for it and will be the trampoline into a successful future!”

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